I love the Red Sox more than life itself. The Bruins are coming in at a close second. Baseball is my life. I like the Texas Rangers. During baseball season, my life revolves around it. No shame. During the off season, my life revolves around that. That's me, deal with it.

One day, I'll move to Boston. One day.

24th June 2012

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24th June 2012

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You’ll be missed

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24th June 2012

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I had tears in my eyes.
— Cody Ross, talking about Youk’s reception from the fans. (via kaityballgame)

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3rd April 2012

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15th March 2012


Happy birthday Youk! 

Happy birthday Youk! 

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27th February 2012

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20th December 2011

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Kevin Youkilis appreciation post!


Youk’s got what I neeeeed!!

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13th September 2011

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12th September 2011

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4th September 2011

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His stance is so beautiful. 


His stance is so beautiful. 

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3rd September 2011

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Can I just say that Youkilis’s stance is amazing


And everyone who says otherwise:

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2nd September 2011

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My reaction when I heard Youk is coming back today


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